Rick Andreoli Montreal – An Insight into the Colorful and Rich History of the City

Montreal has a rich history, and Rick Andreoli, a native of this city, loves to explore its past and share interesting facts on his blog. He says he loves to write about Montreal and educate readers who might want to visit this fabulous city in the future.

Rick Andreoli Montreal – the history of its people

Rick Andreoli Montreal says people lived in this amazing city much before the Europeans discovered this region of the world. Jacques Cartier is the man who is credited to have discovered the area known as Montreal today. Indigenous people have lived in this region for about 8000 years.

How did it begin?

He says that is about 1000AD, the nomadic Iroquoian and other indigenous tribes had settled in the region near the Great Lakes. They cultivated maize and developed small communities around the area. Many settlers later chose to reside along the St.Lawrence River primarily because the land there had more fertility, and its lakes and forests were rich and bountiful. Food was also quite easy for the people to obtain in this region.

Over time, the region witnessed more developments. By the 1300s or so, the residents of these villages constructed walls to divide the areas. These walled villages are the ones that Jacques Cartier saw and described when he came to the region.

Rick Andreoli adds that about 300 years later to the discovery, around 1580, several of the original settlers in the region disappeared from this valley. According to him, in about the 20th century, anthropologists, historians, linguists, and archaeologists started to look into these pre-European settlements of the region extensively. They have studied and have come to know a lot about the people that are today known as St. Lawrence Iroquoians.

Visit Montreal

On the above note, he says that if you plan a visit to Montreal in the future, there are certain spots you should not miss to see when you are here. You should visit the historical monuments that Montreal is famous for. There are several museums in the city, and you can pay a visit to them. Some of the notable places to visit here are the Oratoire Saint-Joseph and the Notre Dame Basilica. Besides these, there are many historical monuments in the city, and visitors should not leave Montreal without exploring them.

He says that you can spend some quality time outdoors as Montreal is one of the world’s greenest cities. There are many parks and gardens in this city that are a treat to nature lovers. One can visit Parc Jean Drapeau, Mount Royal Park, and Space for Life.

As pointed out by Rick Andreoli Montreal Montreal is a unique blend of old and new in harmony with each other. The new areas are equally as fascinating as the old ones. You can pay a visit to the Underground Coty, Place des Festivals, the Contemporary Art Museum, and Sainte Catherine Street and are ideal for people who prefer modern adventures to historical sites.