Lisa M. Cannon MD – Tips for Food Safety during the Post Pandemic Era

If you are not careful with the food you consume, this will place your health at risk. During the post Pandemic era, you must consume safe food round-the-clock. Now, the question is, how do you know your food is safe, and how can you buy safe food for yourself and your family?

Lisa M. Cannon MD – a doctor, speaks about food safety

Lisa M. Cannon MD is a trustworthy and widely respected physician in the USA. She has successfully established her private practice in Bergen County in New Jersey, where she offers patients diagnostics, treatment, and the management of health options for patients who suffer from pulmonary conditions. She graduated from the New York Medical College with a degree in medicine. She earned her fellowship in critical care, pulmonary and critical care from the esteemed Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

She says that if you have an underlying disease, you must take the correct medication under a doctor’s supervision. However, in the post-COVID-19 era, it is all the more necessary for you to stay safe and eat the right food.

When it comes to consuming safe food, she shares some salient but easy tips that everyone at home can conveniently follow-

  1. Clean – If you are cooking the food, this is the first step. You must wash your hands well with soap and water. The containers, as well as the cooking vessels you use, must be cleaned and washed well. The area for the preparation of the food should be sanitized and clean. This is to curb the spread of germs and infection. Both vegetables and fruits should be fully washed under running water, and sediments of dirt that may have accumulated on them must be removed completely.
  2. Separate – You must segregate raw poultry, meat, and seafood from one another. They must be separated from the rest of the cooking ingredients too. When you buy your food, you should separate them so that the rest of the food is not exposed to any forms of bacteria or salmonella. When you cook them, make sure that you use different utensils, containers, and chopping boards for them as well.
  3. Cooking – She suggests that you must use a thermometer to monitor the food’s temperature that is being cooked. This ensures that the food is properly cooked. You should supervise the color of the food as it is being cooked so that it does not get burnt. You should always have the correct temperature to help you cook the food properly. The same also applies to the reheating of food as well.
  4. Refrigerate – She adds that the food’s temperature affects its quality, and perishable food should never be kept for more than two hours outside the fridge. When you refrigerate the food, you should note that even some food can become spoilt in a cold setting. Never consume food that is older than three days.

Lisa M. Cannon says that you can effectively keep germs at bay when you follow the above tips about food safety. At the same time, you can stay healthy and curb problems associated with digestion. When consuming food, say no to junk food and always eat clean to stay safe.