Ayden Hector – Why Is Endurance Training Vital For Football Players

Endurance training refers to those exercises which athletes generally perform over a relatively long period without suffering from fatigue. These exercises increase their heart rate and lungs’ capacity to inhale a high volume of oxygen. Moreover, these athletes’ bodies can then optimally utilize fats, protein, and carbohydrates to re-synthesize adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This chemical compound breaks down food molecules to release the energy necessary to fuel essential cellular processes.

Ayden Hector is a student of Eastside Catholic High School in Sammamish, Washington. He is a promising football player and holds the position of cornerback in the school team. He says American football is a physically demanding anaerobic sport. It requires players to instantly sprint long distances towards the goal line after receiving the ball from their teammates. In doing so, they have to outmaneuver the opponent team’s defensive players to achieve their objective. In many instances, they often come under intense physical contact with these opponent players during a tackle.

Then, they get a short period to recover, catch their breath and start all over again. These athletes’ musculoskeletal system needs to be strong enough to absorb the impact of this collision and continue playing. They even need the muscular strength to overcome fatigue, avoid injuries, and the stamina to play until the match ends.

How does endurance training help football players?

American football players need to be agile, have adequate muscular strength, and sprint instantly. Only then can they perform exceptionally well against the opponents on the football field. These players must have both the stability and mobility to attain the stamina to play an entire game. Stability refers to the ability to control their body movements while maintaining the right posture. On the other hand, mobility is the ability of these players to move their bodies’ limbs freely. Undergoing aerobic endurance exercises as medicine ball throws, 75 percent effort sprints or battle rope arm workouts enable players to:

  • Overcome fatigue and minimize the time they take to recover after the workouts,
  • Strengthen their cardiovascular system so that their lungs can inhale and exhale a high volume of oxygen,
  • Significantly increase the production of mitochondria in the cells of their muscles,
  • Boost the production of red blood cells and plasma in their circulatory system,
  • Increase the production of hormones which aid in boosting metabolism, and
  • Improve their muscle mass, bone density, and strength.

Players who regularly perform endurance exercises during practice sessions sleep better at night and do not suffer from depression. Many of them even notice an increase in their self-confidence.

Ayden Hector concludes by saying performing endurance training exercises can work wonders for American football players. The workouts enable them to build their muscular strength, stamina, agility, and sprinting speed. As a result, they are in a position to outperform their opponents and win matches. However, they should never over-train themselves during the practice sessions. Otherwise, many might end up suffering from serious muscle soreness, burnouts, joint inflammation, and body strains.