More Lumar

Over the last couple of months my Lumar collection seems to have grown considerably, among the additions are some more unusual additions including a Luamr Yo-Yo badge (dating to the 1930s according to Don Robertson) and a Lumar Butterfly in original packaging.

3 thoughts on “More Lumar

  1. I think your badge might be early 1960s vintage as I recognise it from a competition held in Nottingham UK.
    I saw your Lumar Butterfly on ebay but was put off by the high price tag. It must be unique with it’s original packaging.
    I got a red and black one off eBay a few weeks back but not with the packaging. I had two (red & black and cream & blue) back in the early 60s.
    I had so much fun back then I just had to have one again.

    • My Butterfly Lumar did sell for a lot in the end but I think it’s worth having, I’m working towards a traveling Yo-Yo museum so felt it was a must have.

      I’d love to get hold of a could more Lumar Butterfly’s as I only have the one and would love to have a play with one. If you ever want to sell yours let me know!

      I’m fascinated by the contest you went to in Nottingham. Who ran the contest? Where did you place? I’d love to hear more about it!

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